Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My ambition...

"i dont have special talent but i am PASSIONATELY curious"-Albert Einstein- This quote best describe me about my passion into medicine field. why i choose this kind or hard,tough and restless job?? here i would like to explain why..why..and why..???

1. people may think a professional occupation like this may bring a lot of money to us..but for me, money does not really the matter..

kaching~kaching~kaching!!! $$$$

...........but for me..this is some kind of a noble job that has to be occupied by the Muslim...in novel 'Denyut Kasih Medik', the author says if we, the Muslim, do not take care about the sensitivity of the Muslim patient, who will be responsible for the important job?? so, as a capable Muslim, i feel the responsibility is on me.

2. Popularity....people must think this factor is one of it...people will give a great bestowal to a doctor. no matter what, when it comes to DR. everyone may think this person must be genius, successful, intelligent, smart, and of course great!!!

..........i deny this statement vehemently.. popularity is not what i aiming for....but the bless of Him... to be there for the poor and needy is a great thing... to be there for the people in rural areas is a noble thing. to lessen the burden of someone is tremendously nice....

so, ape aq nk kate kat sini...jd doctor, memang perit... aq taw sgale macam beratnyer tugas doctor....tapi...since it has been my ambition since i am an infant, aq stiil akn teroskan perjuangan aq... to all the readers, please pray for me..may Allah let my dream become a reality...

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