Friday, June 18, 2010


My life has been miserable 4 quite a long time..thinking about how im gonna face the pursue my study in medical is not as easy as i though... now im going to take IB program for 2 years as the foundation b4 going any further...*sigh*..

so now, im focusing myself into matterhow worse the obstacle, i promise i wont give up even for seconds...i wont succumb to the situation.....from the day i decided to reject the Egypt's offer, some kind of guilty feel overwhelmed, to make myself please..., this is it....!!! no turning back!!!
somewhere, i found KMS profile in FB...what a bless...all of the members are the future students..just like! never though about this b4....they all seem to be nice and warm...they already discussing about what kind of class, lifestyle,atmosphere and etc...that we all will be facing in KMS... awesome!! superb..that the best word i can describe them...somehow, it make me i afraid??? hell yeah!! darn!!

im super duper anxious about futhuring my studies...can i still use my brain...?? my ability may also atrophied due to too much MSG consumed in my meal...i ate thousand of maggi, instant food for these 6 months!! i would guarantee my brain stuck!! clogged with MSG!! i n
eed kismis a.s.a.p.....

what the hell im sayaing about...all grumpy complaints wont bring me any further...what a relief~...*yawn*...erm....all these craps wont take me to the stop all the grouses.. thing positive...if u want something, work 4 it...! never stop to turn back....never stop your toil here... you can achieve this,,(Dr. Hanis) maybe within 8, stop those complains and start your toil!!! it comes...daydreaming again~ what the hell im saying about?? it never ever will be just some kind of's a reality!!!

what the hell im arguing with myself??? part of me,, deep down here, have a great confidence in this..i should trust it!!!!!

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  1. gogogo dr.hanis!!
    we'll fight together okeh!