Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Future Healers..

The future healers~ glad to know im one of them~ but do you know how much the burden im undergoing now?? better dont ask for it.... To be a doctor is not as simple as i though before... being one of the student that being sponsored by MARA is a bless.... I am not compalining about anything... but it just a spill of my thoughts~ can i voice out it ??? do you willing to hear it??

doing a foundation in medic is brilliant~ bt to be chosen as an IB student is not-so-great thing to be proud of.... since i tokk this course, my life have changed 360 degree~ from a lazy creature to a better person... from a copycat student, to an independent one.. it is a good changes but i am the one whos willing to do the sacrifice~...da~~~~~~~~~

in this entry, i will put emphasis on my classmate... who are doctor-to-be too... and not to be forgotten the dentist-to-be... my class consist of 13 girls and only 7 boys.. a great ratio rite?? to prove that the boys are going to extinct..... huhuhu~ but still,, we did enjoy the condition of our class....the best thing about my class is that we have a very good dynamics in term of communicating with each other,..isn't that great??? many of student from other class envy of our class...but sometimes our class really overreacted~ we get along very well without any feeling attachment~ that's the best part.. but of course,, there are some wild gossip to spice up our life...we are very fond of matching people in our class...

here are some info u might want to know about my classmate... its boring but just read it..in case you admired one of them... so, you could see the true colour of these people.... HANA-the genius one, ALYAA-the 'hardworking' girl, WAN ALIA-the exaggerate one, IJAT-my ex-schoolmate, KIDIN-the real hardworking person, NAWI-the emotionless guy, ABZ-the PRESIDENT, FATAU-the lefty girl, DOLLY-the courteous one, ODAH-the questioning girl, NOBID-the conan-like-boy, DINI AFIQ-the pretend-to-be-nice boy, DINI- the genius, AZHAR-the tallest one, QILA-the rock girl, TIEHA-the only qelantanese, SYAHIR-the YB-to-be, HAKIM-the serious guy, BELA-the unique one...For me,, HANIS..in the most common one~ hahahah~ soory guys for describing you all this way...just for fun to publish your names in my blog..hahaha..

In my room, there are ADANI and DOYANG... they are cool except for adoni that always fooling around... stealing my bolster,, keep on teasing me...keep on gossiping....but DOYANG and me always colaborate together to bring down adani down.. serve her right..she deserve it... whatsoever.. enough for now..i need to take my shower.... see u soon~ one more thing...credit to ADANI for allowing me to use her lappy~ p/s: she's the one who make me to write her name here) hahahahah~