Tuesday, July 20, 2010


salam alaik..

here i come again..updating this blog.i happened to be dead 4 some time..i just enrolled to a college name KMS~ far away in Seremban....finally....i left my hometown, my state....
so, here. i got thousand of experience, knowledge, and of course tiresome life...

i'll try really hard to coop with the daunting daily life....what a newly, different life i experienced~ hoho~ i wont complain anymore because it will never end....so, here is a piece of thingy about KMS... located at the center of Negeri 9, the place is really awsome.. alot of shopping mall, recreational parks, cars, and etc....i feel like outing every day...with all the accommodation here, i should say im grateful to be a student here...

so...im quite frustrated for some time...as i just recently knew, that the country that i'm going to...is JUST ON PAPER...what the hell???????????so the only choice i had is INDIA...im not being too fussy or whatsoever...but, this ib program worth more than that!!..so, its so i feel cheated!! to comfort myself, i take it in the positive way...maybe, it the best 4 me...im not going to turn back!!!

enough about that,..no more comments, explanations or even descriptions about my feeling at that time....so, just enjoy!!!!!!!.... and every single senior who's doing IB, would say these....tough, hard, difficult, frustrated,daunting,grueling and the worst phrase is..."welcome to HELL"....i got nervous breakdown~ and im lost~~~~~~~~~~~~

so i started my class already and im doing pretty good...i really hope to do ENGLISH HL..because i know MATHs gonna kill me silently....i hate MATHs.....please God,allow me to do English HL!!!!!!!!!

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